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Pure unadulterated watchmaking tradition

We make Swiss watches the way they did a century ago. Each of our machines represents a piece of Swiss watchmaking history, making the manufacture of each and every watch a journey back in time. We consciously adopt this long and painstaking approach since quality cannot be hurried. We believe that this investment of time results in something of lasting value. We manufacture our watches on site, in our own workshop – from A to Z. We take the time needed to make our passion and skill perceptible in the smallest detail of every component.

Lasting value

We work slowly and all our work is lovingly handcrafted, with just ten watches leaving our workshop every year. As all the parts of a watch are made on old machines and finished by skilled watchmakers, no two watches are exactly alike. Each creator puts a bit of himself into each mechanism. This passion and the professional pride of a handful of specialists are apparent in every watch and make it an object of lasting value.

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Model:L’instant de vérité

‘Winding the watch up for the first time ends what began with milling the wheels and pinions. The balance wheel performs its first oscillation and the hands begin to trace their circles as if wanting to give back the time invested. This is the moment of truth towards which we have been working.’

- Manually wound mechanical movement
- Constant force spring
- Seconds subdial
- Power-reserve indicator
- Red gold
- Case diameter: 40 mm
- Built by hand


One stroke of a file can be the difference between perfection and mediocrity. Anyone not daring to make this last stroke has already made up his mind. But we know where we’re going. Yesterday’s experience determines tomorrow’s quality.

To receive more information on the Oscillon brand, individual watches and sources of supply, please send an email to: info@oscillon.swiss


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